Zach Bryan Fan Hilariously Mistakes Woman Singing “Revival” For Donna Kelce

Zach Bryan concert

There are a lot of things to be said for being mistaken for someone else…but I’d be more than happy to be mistaken for Mama Kelce.

Zach Bryan is bringing back his electric closing of “Revival” on the Quittin’ Time Tour, bringing out honored guests to the stage to sing the song while jumping around and hyping up the crowd for an out-of-this-world concert closer. Thus far on this tour, we have seen his girlfriend on stage, his dad quite a few times, and even some NFL players like Giants QB (maybe not anymore?) Daniel Jones and Packers RB AJ Dillon.

However, this one (had it been true) takes the cake for the best (almost) “Revival” appearance.

Zach Bryan fans are giving a social media user a hard time for mistakenly naming a woman standing next to Zach Bryan’s father Donna Kelce. The woman, who many believe is his stepmom, but it is not 100% confirmed. However, the woman with short blond hair mildly resembles the mother of the NFL brother duo. But after an initial glance, it is very obvious that this woman is not Donna Kelce.

The woman on the stage is living her best life, belting out the lyrics alongside Dewayne Bryan. A few social media users wondered if this was satire and if the fan was pulling everyone’s leg, but that did not stop brutal social media users and mega fans from letting it rip in the comments section.

“This is ZB’s stepmom. I’m sure she’s a great person! This is not Mama Kelce.”

“Not Mama Kelce or Papa Kelce.”

“That’s the Walmart Mama Kelce.”


“Stop shopping for Mama Kelce on Temu.”

“Please use Google.”


“Is this satire cause that isn’t Jason’s Mama.”

“Who’s going to tell her.”

“Do not disrespect Mama Kelce like this.”

Now that the idea of Donna Kelce on stage has entered the chat, I am fixated on how incredible that would be. Who knows, maybe later in this tour we will get a Donna Kelce or Kelce brother appearance on stage. I think the combination of those names on a stage together might break the internet.

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