Wyatt Flores Announces First Ever Collaboration, “Take Me As I Come,” With Evan Honer

Evan Honer Wyatt Flores country music
Wyatt Flores/Evan Honer

First time for everything.

New music is being thrown at Wyatt Flores from all angles. From the announcement of his new project Half Life to the release of his latest single, “I Wish I Could Stay,” to the announcement of his first-ever collaboration, he keeps blessing us fans.

Wyatt Flores and Evan Honer‘s collaboration, “Take Me As I Come,” will hit streaming platforms next Friday, April 5th.

“First ever collab is here…’Take Me As I Come’ with Evan Honer out next Friday April 5th.”

Honer posted a similar message on Instagram, hyping fans up about the new music between the two. As Honer and Flores have been touring together, I love this collaboration. The two share a friendship outside of being on the road together that goes way back, as they both started gaining traction on social media around the same time.

Check out an unplugged version of the single. I am very excited to hear the studio cut of this track.

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