High-Speed Collision In Colorado Mountains Sends Moose Flipping Through The Air

Moose gets hit by Jeep in Colorado
Kayla Zowada


A few years back, a group of backpackers pulled off to the side of the road near Eagles Nest Wilderness, Colorado, to watch some moose running along the highway. And while the sight of pulled over cars might give most of us a reason to pause, this Jeep didn’t think twice and kept on driving… right into a high speed collision with one of the aforementioned moose.

I’m not quite sure how this Colorado driver didn’t see the moose down in the ditch, but they didn’t, and they SMOKED it.

However, as brutal as the collision looked, the moose might’ve been able to shake it off.

According to local Parks & Rec, they tracked the moose for quite and while and it appeared to have walked away.

“The car windshield was shattered and nearly broke through. The people in the car said they were OK. The moose left a skid mark of hair on the road and limped off slowly into the bushes.

Parks and Rec said they followed the moose tracks a ways and it seemed to have walked off, so it might have made it! It was upsetting to watch.”

Head on a swivel people, head on a swivel…

Now… watch this and prepare to laugh HARD:

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Swedish Man Captures Jaw-Dropping Footage Of White Moose

What is this, Narnia?

Off color animals are the rarest and coolest things to come across in the wild.

Generally, they are truly once in a lifetime experiences, which is part of why spending time in the outdoors is so much fun. You never know what kind of once in a lifetime opportunities you might stumble upon.

This throwback to this 2017 video that perfectly encapsulates one of those experiences.

According to The Washington Post, nature lover Hans Nilsson chased after this guy for three years just to get a good look at him.

Finally, he came across the mystical moose, and two days in a row, he was able to encounter this amazing animal. Nilsson describes the experience perfectly.

“When I shot the video everything fell into place: the location, the light and the calmness. It was an experience to meet such a stately animal up close.”

That would be a dream, especially to have the opportunity to photograph and video an animal like this. It’s not often a Moose stays the calm for you to get in in pictures, especially one this rare.

Sweden is said to have 400,000 moose, but it’s said that only 100 of these white moose exist. This is also said to only be the second to ever make it on camera. That folks, is highly impressive. Hats off to Nilsson because I love knowing that things like this even exist.

Being a moose lover who will drive for hours just to have the chance of seeing one, I can’t even imagine coming across this guy.

Just amazing…

It is said that hunters in the area continuously pass on these animals when crossed during hunts in hopes that the genetic trait gets passed on and more start to pop up, however, there have been occasional hunter that will take an albino or piebald buck.

It’s always a point of contention…

That being said, thank you to Hans for searching for three years to get some footage of this beauty.

Montana Man Checks His Mail, Gets Charged By A Moose Instead

Moose are one the most amazing creatures to roam the lands.

The largest around North America, and by far, one of the coolest to see.

They are however, one of the most dangerous. Known to get very defensive over their young, in the rut, and in general due to their poor eye sight and size, they’ll think nothing of running your ass clean over.

And this Bozeman, Montana, man certainly found that out first hand.

He heads outside and you notice a moose across the road standing up. It almost seems as though he knows its there and that he’s going to check it out.

But… he doesn’t.

Completely oblivious, he starts to turn his back to it without ever seeing it, and as it takes the first few steps towards him, he looks up and clearly is completely surprised at what is standing in front of him.

“Went to check the mail and I did not realize a moose was staring me down from across the street.

It began to charge me and my dog Reecey barked and let me know we were in danger.

She lunged at the moose then circled back and we both high-tailed it inside.

No harm, no foul…

But let’s skip on the morning coffee and go for the ol’ morning moose charge… I feel like that would wake you up a bit better. If this wasn’t feeling awake, he definitely was after that.

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Massive Bull Moose Stops Car To Lick The Salt On Canadian Road

When salt is placed on freezing roads, watch out for animals. They tend to come out and spend a lot of time licking it off of anything it sticks too. All wildlife requires some level of salt to survive. Larger animals obviously require more and certain species need to find it in larger quantities due to it lacking from their natural diet.

Hunters love using the salt block trip to get an animal to stop up so we can get good trail camera photos throughout the summer months leading into hunting seasons. Large animals like moose will look for large concentrations of salt. They need to intake this salt to ensure they have the appropriate amount of minerals in their system for survival.

Cars during the winter kick up the salt laid out on the roads and it accumulates on vehicles.

This moose realized that and decided he had found himself a good salt source.

Stopped roadside in Canada, a big ol’ bull moose approached the car and started licking it all over as the owners watched from inside. Literally starring the people in the eyes, the moose licks up the side across the windows and all over the car.

It is so close that a cellphone video looks like some National Geographic level stuff. You can’t have an encounter this close with a bull moose that large and it be this safe…

This is one unique encounter.

Watch out for the car lickin’ animals this winter.


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