Endless Stream Of Elk Stampede Across Montana Road

elk jumping fences Montana

I’d prefer this kind of traffic any day of the week.

For folks who live out west, being one with nature isn’t really a choice. We’ve seen plenty of examples of bison herds holding up traffic, and now we also have proof that wild elk can have the exact same effect on roadways.

A photographer out in Montana had a camera ready when a massive herd of elk were on the move. Droves of elk effortlessly jumped the fences lining the roadways as the car drove closer and closer to the wild animals in action.

Elk are known to run up to 40 miles per hour, and it definitely looked like those in the front of the pack in this footage were moving at that kind of speed. They were also showing off their impressive vertical jumping ability as they easily covered the wired fencing (at least most of them).

I could watch this video all day long. Not only because it showcases the natural speed and athleticism of elk, but also because the back drop to the parade of elk is breathtaking. There’s a reason why they call Montana “Big Sky Country.”

Traffic can be frustrating, though if this was your view as your vehicle came to a standstill, I think all of us could get used to it. I can hear it now:

“Yeah honey, sorry I’m late. I got held up in traffic. It was awesome.”

Nature is a truly beautiful thing.

And if you were wondering what that toe-tapping song was overlayed onto the video, that’s actually a track called “Up on the Divide” by the folk/bluegrass group Mighty Poplar.

You can check out the full song at the link below:

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