Bison Herd Acts As Moving Roadblock On Snow-Lined Wyoming Highway

Bison stampede in snow

Ever been late for work and used the excuse of “a bison herd moving altogether down the highway caused a traffic jam?”

You can only get away with that story in a couple of select states in America, with one of those being Wyoming. Even if you are in a state where it could happen, it’s probably best to capture a video like this person did just in case.

A bison herd in Wyoming decided to utilize a plowed highway as their path recently after a large snowstorm hit the western state. Considering the snow was piled up to the middle of the speed limit sign on the right side of the road, can you really blame them?

The parade of 2,000 pound beasts took up the entire road and brought traffic traveling on the highway to a halt, as was described in the video’s caption:

“Yesterday, while in search of Bison, I came around the curve on the highway to hundreds of bison running at the vehicle. The sound of their clacking hooves was the best part! Nearly every winter once the snow is too deep up north, the Bison make a journey down to southern areas of the park/refuge in search of more plentiful vegetation and easier accessibility.

Park rangers escorted the Bison along the highway for safe voyage, and the bison enjoyed their slow and easy walk along the plowed road as we sat in bison traffic for nearly TWO hours!”

A two hour traffic delay? Sheesh. It would be cool for about 15 minutes, but two hours? I would, respectfully, start laying on the horn and getting the bison to choose a lane. I say that facetiously of course, because I’d never want to harass wildlife.

I’d likely just stay put in my car and take it all in like this person did, who captioned the video with the clever statement of:

“Gotta love rush hour traffic in Wyoming.”

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