Cody Jinks Dedicates “The Working Man” Music Video To His Tour Crew

Cody Jinks country music
Cody Jinks

An early favorite of mine off Change The Game.

Last week, Cody Jinks released his latest album, proving once again that you can be a fantastic independent country music artist without any help from a label, country radio or the Nashville machine. Each album Jinks releases highlights his gritty songwriting and authentic Texas country sound. On this album, Jinks noted that this was the most vulnerable he has been with his songwriting, and you can hear it in every lyric.

“This is the most open and honest record I’ve ever recorded, I laid everything out.”

An early favorite after giving the album a full listen-through for me was “The Working Man,” which is an ode to the blue-collar workers of the world. The lyrics reflect that you can change a lot of things about the world, but those who work with their hands are irreplaceable. The song also highlights the mentality of “The Working Man” that they will always give it their all because they take pride in what they do, often working till they physically can’t anymore.

“It may seem cold, but when I get old
You’ll know I made a stand
You can change the tools
But you can’t change the working man…”

Carrying the moving lyrics into a visual concept, Jinks dedicates the music video for “The Working Man” to those men who work for him, making it possible for him to go from city to city performing. His tour crew ensures that everything is set up right, the lights are working, his sound is spot on, and that his instruments arrive safely. The tour crew is a highly underappreciated part of the music industry, and they are the ones that really make the shows come to life.

“There are thousands of moving parts and hundreds of people involved when it comes to putting on a show. There are trucks and buses to drive and unload. Stages to build. Lighting and audio rigs to safely hang in the air. Local crews to manage and coordinate. Merch to count and set up. Stages to wire. Instruments to maintain. Soundchecks. And many, many more tasks that keep the show running smoothly.

Everyone plays a role in bringing you the best possible show. The work often starts before the sun comes up and goes well past midnight–and that’s not even considering the countless hours of prep work before getting to the venue on the day of the show. Here’s to the Jinks crew, which are some of the hardest-working guys in the whole industry.”

The video highlights what the crew does to prepare for his shows, perfectly encapsulating the lyrics of those who work hard and love what they do. It takes a village to make an hour and a half under the spotlight come to life, and you can tell that Jinks is so appreciative of everyone that is in his camp.

This is a great visual making an already incredible song come more to life.

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