Wherever Your “Awesome” March Madness Watch Party Is, It’s Not Stadium Swim In Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Maybe you’re at your local bar drinking in the madness of March and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Perhaps you have a cool teacher in school who gave you a half-day, or flicked on the classroom TV. Or you could be amongst friends, hosting a party, with the quad box rocking on YouTube TV. Hell, you could be at an upscale resort with an umpteen-inch big screen TV, or enjoying multiple monitors if you’re super rich on a massive estate.

But chances are, pound-for-pound, wherever you may be bearing witness to the latest version of the Big Dance, there’s no way you’re doing it better than the folks who got into Stadium Swim in Las Vegas on Thursday. Let the epic scenery wash over you.


Having just been to Las Vegas for the first time in November, and having had the great fortune of going to Stadium Swim itself, let me tell you that these visuals don’t even do justice to how awesome it is. I told my friends and family that there is no place on Earth better to watch sports on TV than Stadium Swim. It’s in Old Las Vegas, aka the Fremont Street area, so not on the main strip. Couldn’t recommend it more. Check it out if you ever get the chance to go there. Beyond worth the price of admission.

As a massive Bengals fan, I got to see their epic almost-comeback against the Texans on the biggest main screen possible, with neutral spectators joining the hype with me as I convulsively slapped the water amid the chaos.

Alas, all that excitement preceded watching Tyler Boyd drop a pass in the end zone that would’ve likely won Cincinnati the game.

Love me some Tyler Boyd, but won’t miss his critical drops in high-leverage moments.

Anyway, Stadium Swim f****s. You have to walk through the labyrinth of Circa Resort & Casino to get there, and that’s quite the scene in its own right.

I hope the Stadium Swim account keep posting videos all day, because when we inevitably get one of those unbelievable Cinderella upsets, it’d be dope to see all those people unite to cheer on the underdog.

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