Bengals Lose On Another Killer Drop By Tyler Boyd, & This Is Officially A Disturbing Trend For Cincinnati

Bengals Tyler Boyd

To be clear, if Joe Burrow hadn’t thrown two interceptions in Texans territory, the Bengals would’ve eventually pulled away in the second half against Houston. Most likely.

But that’s not what actually happened. What actually happened was, Joe Brrr overcame self-inflicted adversity, hit Tyler Boyd for a massive gain to get Cincinnati inside Houston’s 10, and delivered a third-down dime right up on Boyd’s facemask for the would-be probable winning touchdown.

Oh…oh no.

As my hero J.T. O’Sullivan would say, “Can’t. Catch it. For him.”

Boyd is a pro’s pro. Love the guy. As a Bengals stan, I have to respect him as someone who suffered through years of cheap-o ownership. He was around for Cincinnati’s depths of despair that helped the franchise land the No. 1 overall pick and draft Burrow in the first place.

I’m sorry though…dude has had hands of stone in some pretty pivotal situations.

Again, yes, Boyd caught the 60+ yard reception to set up the Bengals in range to either tie with a field goal or win with a TD. Joey B stated as much once the game ended and CJ Stroud had driven the Texans to a winning field goal. Good on him. Class act as usual.

We can acknowledge that. BUT. AND. I’ve had it up about HERE with his sh*t at this point.

Exhibit A: Last year’s regular-season Chiefs game. THANK GOODNESS the Bengals pulled htat one off in the end. But uh…yo, Boyd? Hang onto this one, fam.

Sort of pales in comparison to the third-down gaffe Boyd put out for the entire globe to see in Super Bowl LVI.

I mean…you tell me. one of the most sure-handed wide receivers in all of football, speaking with complete objectivity as a fan of the team here, tends to gag/choke/shrink in the biggest of biggest moments. And it’s really, really sad to bear witness to.

Bengals fans can sit here and make excuses about Tee Higgins being out. Bottom line, Tyler Boyd had a decent game today.

Filled the WR2 role to complement Ja’Marr Chase nicely. Alas… when it mattered most, once more, Boyd came up heart-wrenchingly empty.

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