“I Was In Line, It Snapped On A Guy” – Chris Stapleton On Why He’s Never Bungee Jumping

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The Bobby Bones Show

They say you should never trust a bungee chord.

Okay, maybe I’m the only one who says that. But this story from country music star Chris Stapleton helps support my stance. He’s got a very good reason as to why he’ll never bungee jump.

The “White Horse” singer was a guest on the Bobby Bones Show recently, and during the interview, Chris started talking about his desire to jump off things. He first explained that he at one point, when he was young and single, wanted to jump out of an airplane.

But that bucket list item had since been revised:

“I don’t think I’m allowed to jump out of a plane. I don’t think my life insurance allows me to jump out of a plane. Listen I wanted to jump out of a plane at one point in time. I just never did.”

So with skydiving out of the picture, Stapleton changed the subject to the cousin of diving out of a plane: Bungee jumping. The country singer then explained why one time he almost did strap up and make the leap, and why he never will again:

“Bungee jumping, you done that one? See I got in line to do that one at one time. One of those things on a tower. And while I was in the line, it snapped on a guy. I’m not kidding…

(There were) maybe 25 to 30 people in front of me. I was in the line and it snapped on a guy and… they had the big cushion below because maybe this happens all the time. I don’t know. The guy landed in the thing and he was fine, but that was the moment that I got out of line.”

Don’t blame you at all there Chris. I’ve always been wary of those carnival/fair bungee towers, and this is all the proof I need to stay as far away from this as possible. Which is what I was already doing in the first place…

Stapleton later went on to laugh at the people who still stayed in line after the bungee jump mishap. Some people just love to chase thrills, and I guess since the guy that had the cord snap was okay, they thought it was still good to go?

I’m assuming a lot of us would be like Chris Stapleton in that situation, and you can hear him talk more about it in the interview below:

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A beer bottle on a dock