“You’re A Singer, Not A Stripper” — Kacey Musgraves’ Grandma Was NOT A Fan Of Alternate ‘Deeper Well’ Album Cover

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Grandma Musgraves callin’ it like she sees it.

Kacey Musgraves released her fifth studio album Deeper Well last Friday, and I’ve had so many songs on repeat… I seriously think “The Architect” will be in hot contention for a Grammy next year.

And the Texas native knows how to roll out an album, as Kacey first teased that something was coming earlier this year with a nude photo on social media. It featured her laying naked in a field, and just showed her bare backside, but still… people were all fired up with that visual:

And Kacey appeared as a guest this week on Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country, where she talked about that cover and how her grandma, Barbara, was NOT a fan of it… and yes, it’s the same grandma who cried when Kacey “pierced her nose,” to quote an iconic line from Kacey’s song “Slow Burn.”

In fact, she had the most Southern grandma reaction ever… I laughed so hard hearing what she said because I could literally hear my own grandma saying this verbatim, and not just because me and Kacey had the same name.

Mrs. Barbara told Kacey she didn’t need to be using that photo because she’s “a singer, not a stripper”:

“I just randomly had this idea… Because it was a big, wide open green space. And I was like, ‘What if I was just really small?’ Like in the fetal position, sort of, into the earth… And it’s just sort of vulnerable and almost like rebirth, I guess.

But yeah, I was showing my parents and my grandparents the photos that my sister had taken. And then the naked one came up and Nana was like, ‘Gasp!’ Like she just saw a car wreck, basically. And she was like, ‘No!’ She was like, ‘That’s not… that’s a cover?’

And I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s one of the covers.’ And she was like, ‘Kacey, you’re a singer, not a stripper.’ And I was like, “Well, you know what? You can be both.”

Hilarious.. I’m sure Kacey got a good laugh out of it too, and she and her grandma have a very close relationship, so I’m sure she wasn’t surprised by her response at all, either.

Grandma Musgraves appeared on Kacey’s 2016 Amazon Prime Christmas special, A Very Kacey Christmas, and even attended the Grammy Awards with her this year, and it’s probably refreshing for Kacey to have someone in her life who will always tell the truth (even if she doesn’t always take the advice).

Personally, I love the alternative cover, and can totally see where Kacey was coming form, simply from an artistic standpoint… but I have to imagine Mrs. Barbara only got a copy of the main album cover.

“The Architect”

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