“WOW HE’S BIG” – Pennsylvania Game Warden Bravely Helps Black Bear Out Of Car

bear in car
Katie Homer via Storyful

Chivalry isn’t dead. Game wardens are still opening car doors for black bears.

Some Pennsylvania residents were surprised to see that they had an unwelcome passenger stowing away in their car. They were alerted that something wasn’t right when they came back from a long weekend away to find the vehicle sitting in their driveway had the hazard lights on.

Even if you saw that, you likely wouldn’t first think, “Oh, there’s probably a bear inside my car.” As the story goes, one of the residents started to walk up to the vehicle to investigate, and a loud bang on one of the windows alerted them that the hazard lights didn’t just come on by themselves.

As strange as it might sound, a black bear had somehow managed to get inside the car, accidentally trapping itself in at one point. With most bear encounters, the wild animals can get themselves into strange situations while they are in search of food. This bruin was likely looking for a snack in the car, and the door must have closed behind it once it got inside.

So after some phone calls to local enforcement agencies, a game warden showed up at the home to help out. The wildlife official and Pennsylvania resident assessed the situation for quite some time, and finally figured out a plan of attack… or defense, whatever you want to call it.

One of them used a stick to bang on the back of the car to distract the bear while the other went to the front to open up the door. Because how else are you going to get a bear out of a car? The sun roof? The black bear apparently wasn’t eager to get out at first, but when it finally did, everyone there found out just how big the bruin was.

Its exit from the vehicle garnered a couple of screams, as well as this quote from the person behind the camera:

“Wow he’s big!”

I’d imagine that the game warden was happy to be of service to the Pennsylvania family, but at some point had to have muttered underneath his breath, “I don’t get paid enough for this.”

You can view the wild video below:

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