Zach Bryan Fan Leads Singalong On Train Ride Home Using Zach’s Guitar He Was Gifted During A Show

Zach Bryan

I mean when you’re holding Zach Bryan‘s guitar on the train ride home there’s only one thing to do, right?

Zach is currently out on his Quittin’ Time tour, and during a show in Toronto he invited a fan named Lucas Mason on stage to join him for a performance of “Heading South.”

And he knocked it out of the park. I PLAYED ON STAGE WITH ZACH BRYANNNNNNNN HELL YAAAA @Zach Bryan #headingsouth ♬ original sound – Luke Mason

Much better than the guys from the night before

But after Lucas finished, Zach gave him his own guitar to take home, something that the fan was clearly excited about.

So when he found himself on the train on the way home with some fellow concertgoers, they decided to keep the party going.

The video posted by Luke himself shows the singer leading the train in a singalong of “Revival” – played, of course, on Zach Bryan’s guitar. Encore on the train ride home from Zach Bryan PLAYING WITH HIS GUITARRRRRR @Zach Bryan @Brianna ♬ original sound – Luke Mason

And because Zach didn’t play “Something In The Orange” during the show (wtf?), Luke decided just to play it on the train. Since he didnt play Something In The Orange at the concert, we gave the train a show. @Zach Bryan Archive #zachbryan ♬ original sound – Luke Mason

Already putting that guitar to good use.

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