The Magic Deleted Their Anthony Black & Gradey Dick Jersey Swap Post, But No, It Didn’t Cost An Intern Their Job

Grady Dick
Bally Sports

After the Orlando Magic beat the Toronto Raptors on Sunday, rookies Anthony Black and Gradey Dick exchanged jerseys in one of the greatest postgame moments in sports history. Turns out, when you put their last names together for a side-by-side snapshot, hilarity ensues — and they knew what they were doing.

The Magic’s official X/Twitter account handler also put this up with the caption, “class of ’23” in reference to the year Black and Dick entered the NBA as lottery draft picks. Alas, somebody in Orlando’s organization implored the author of such an iconic social media post to delete it right away.

Many speculated that this deletion might’ve marked the end of whichever intern’s stint with the team. Getting axed by an NBA franchise when you already have your foot in the door at a young age would be a painful blow.

Here’s the Al Gore-style inconvenient truth: According to the Magic’s official job board, the “Social Media Graduate Associate” intern position was actually posted back on Friday, before Black and Dick traded uniforms.

Now here’s the thing. Maybe Orlando had the foresight to understand that this jersey swap social media poster had the goods to earn a promotion, therefore creating a new intern vacancy in the process. If I were the Magic, I’d have promoted this person yesterday. Anyone who can bring some life and exotic interest to the rather sluggish NBA regular season deserves high marks and upward mobility within an organization.

For those interested in the Magic’s intern gig, it’ll run from August 24 of this year through June 27, 2025. Steady work if you can get it as a youngin, even if the $18 per hour plus overtime isn’t ideal for a job that requires a college degree. But hey, at least the lucky earner of this job will get 40% off Magic merch!

It’s just a relief to know — or at least, it appears — that the Magic’s Twitter admin didn’t blow the gig with one post that, if it had been left up, would’ve probably given the page its highest engagement rate of the season. Enjoy the video of the postgame transaction below ICYMI.

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