The Anthony Black & Gradey Dick Jersey Swap Sets A New Standard For Postgame Pleasantries

Grady Dick
Bally Sports

Gradey Dick and Anthony Black may not be having the biggest impact on their teams’ fortunes as NBA rookies, but they are legitimately changing the sport when it comes to their jersey swapping game.

Look at these two little 20-year-old baby-faced schoolboys getting the giggle fits over exchanging uniforms.


And I dig it. This is like when my buddy and I, with our jersey numbers being 6 and 9, sat next to each other in the high school football picture. True story. But then we sort of got one-upped by the most non-intentionally, intentionally funny guy on the team, who just straight-up chose the number 69.

Pete Davidson

Yeah, that checks out. Pete Davidson holding 69. GIPHY didn’t return many good results for “black dick” and I am not about to resort to Google, let me tell you.

Alright, time to rein this thing in, sheesh. This is great work by Anthony Black and Gradey Dick. May I have a still frame just to make sure it’s definitely real? Sweet.

They’ve got that dog in ’em. This much is certain.

It’s kind of a shame Black’s Magic — and by that I mean his actual team, the Orlando Magic — weren’t wearing a more obvious blue jersey, like their typical colors are. Would’ve been a great opportunity for some sort of allusion to The Matrix, with the binary 0-1 jersey numbers, and the red pill-blue pill symbolism. Once you go Anthony Black, you never go back, but you can only fully realize that reality by taking the Gradey Dick red pill.

The mAtrix

Officially in the weeds over here. What else am I meant to say about this? The bar is through the arena roof at this point for jersey swaps. There had better be a medley of beauties like this one in the months to follow across the world of sports, except I just don’t think you can top “Black Dick.” It’ll take a while for the stars to align in such a way. Hopefully Antonio Brown weighs in and gives Dick his Cracker of the Day award for such exemplary collaboration with an on-court opponent.

Appreciate the fellas for giving us all a good laugh on St. Patrick’s Day in any event. Sad for Dick to an extent, as his Raptors squad lost 111-96 to drop their seventh game in a row. Meanwhile, Orlando is only a half-game back of the Knicks for fourth in the East. Who would’ve thunk it? The franchise where young talent used to go to die has suddenly sprung to life with a bunch of young studs.

If this Gradey Dick jersey swap is any indication, no member of the Magic’s formidable youth movement is as pithy, quippy, witty or wise as Anthony Black. What a precocious young man. Deserving of a standing ovation. You too, Dick.

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