Sitka Blacktail Deer Takes A Ride On Floating Iceberg In Alaska

Deer is stuck on iceberg

Would it be too cliche to deploy the “Oh deer” joke with this one?

It’s always there to use for deer stories, but I’ll admit there’s not much originality there. I’ll just get on to the video at hand, which features a buck hanging onto an iceberg for “deer” life (lulled you to sleep then hit you with a deer pun, it was the plan all along).

This Sitka black-tailed deer was in a very interesting situation as it was spotted riding along on a floating iceberg in Alaska. The buck appeared to be straight “Buddy the Elf-ing it” has he hitched a ride on the large chunk of ice (hopefully you get that reference, though we are outside of the Holiday season).

As strange as the situation is, the deer doesn’t look disheveled or out of place by any means. It’s almost as if it meant to climb aboard the iceberg in order to make its way to another destination, though there’s also always the chance that it was just standing close to shore on the ice and the large chunk broke off.

While deer aren’t typically found on icebergs, as the caption below states, the deer in the video could always abandon ship and swim to shore if it needed to. There’s even a chance that’s how it ended up on the iceberg in the first place:

“Sitka black-tailed deer, native to the temperate rainforests of coastal Alaska and British Columbia, are surprisingly good swimmers for short distances across rivers or lakes.

While it’s rare to find them on icebergs, strong currents or shifting ice floes can cause these unexpected encounters.”

You can scroll to the right to view the video of the deer floating by:

I’ve seen a lot of deer videos, but this one has to be the coolest (no pun intended). Hopefully it figured out a plan at some point and didn’t stay on for too long. Unless, of course, it was having a great time as it used the iceberg as transportation. If that’s the case, I’d say more power to the black-tailed deer.

Everyone in the comments felt the same way:

“Bro is on an adventure, leave him alone.”

“He looks like he’s up to no good.”

“Anyone want an ice cold deer?”

“He’s just chilling.”

“Before everyone starts telling them to help the deer, deer are incredible swimmers.”

That last comment checks out. Deer are respectable swimmers, albeit for short distances. This buck surely could have jumped off and swam to shore at any moment that it desired… but maybe it was enjoying the Alaskan iceberg cruise?

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