Raccoon Finds Out Life Is Cruel & Unforgiving As It Tries To Wash Cotton Candy In The Water

Raccoon cotton candy

This raccoon went from having the mother load to having nothing at all.

Life can be incredibly cruel like that sometimes. We’ve all had that kind of day where we’ve been on top of the world, just to be brutally brought back down to Earth. This video below was that day for this poor raccoon.

There’s a common myth that raccoons prefer to wash their food off with water before they consume it. As hygienic as that sounds (for animals that spend a lot of time scavenging trash), that’s not exactly what they’re doing.

Instead, wetting the food helps the small animal better understand what they are holding, since touch is one of their most vital senses. Putting water on their food makes their paws more sensitive and helps raccoons gather information on the food they are about to eat.

Knowing that just makes this video that much more devastating. This footage shows a raccoon that managed to get its paws on some cotton candy. It was likely confused as to what it was holding, so it sought out some water to help. But once it got there and placed the candy (which is literally made out of air and sugar) in the H20, it didn’t exactly help clear things up.

That’s because the cotton candy dissolved almost immediately, and sent the raccoon into a second-guessing-spiral. It’s as funny to watch as it is sad.

Check it out:

Man, I really hope that little guy (or gal) was able to track down some more cotton candy somewhere. Then again, maybe a raccoon consuming 100% sugar like that would be a shock to its system.

But even telling myself that didn’t make the video any less painful, and it looks like everyone in the replies agrees:

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