Mammoth Park Visitor Tries To Pet A Coyote & Promptly Gets Bitten On The Hand

Coyote bites man's hand

Life can come at your pretty fast sometimes.

Especially if you are interested in trying to pet wild animals. That almost always doesn’t work out, and it definitely didn’t for this man in California who had a close encounter with a coyote.

But in the coyote’s defense, I don’t know if this can be classified as a close encounter, considering the man appeared to be luring the coyote closer to him. That’s not a close encounter… that’s a stupid encounter.

In the footage, the man reaches his hand out towards the wild animal, coaxing it towards him like it’s a timid house cat at your friend’s house. He even tries to talk to the coyote, saying:

“Come here. It’s cold, I know. You are freezing. You’ve got a lot of fur though.”

As soon as he got those words out, the canine aggressively lunged at him and chomped down on the man’s hand. He probably should have been expecting that to happen, but for some reason it shocked him.

The California man screamed out a flurry of expletives as he pulled away from the coyote with a now punctured hand:

“Ow, mother*****r. Son of a ***** got me. Ow. Damn coyote.”

No, sir, you got yourself. As soon as you extended your open hand towards the wild animal, that bite is on you. The coyote jabbed the guy just like the series of rabies shots that he probably had to get following this incident.

Check it out:

Respectfully, that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

I’d like to extend some sort of benefit of the doubt to this guy, but I don’t see any reason to. Especially after I looked through the comments below the post and saw all of social media ripping the guy apart:

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!”

“When you hold out free meat for a wild animal and are surprised when it tries to eat it.”

“The ***** did he think was gonna happen?”

“Not too bright. Why do people think wildlife are pets? Where do these people come from that they lack common sense & respect?”

“If only there were a way to avoid this situation.”

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