Old Lady Pushes Her Luck Petting A Bison At Yellowstone National Park

woman pets bison

Some tourists just can’t resist.

Once again, I’m fully convinced that tourists lose any drop of sanity they have left the second they cross into Yellowstone National Park. It’s like full on idiot mode the second the cross the gates…

National parks have very strict guidelines about staying at least 25 yards away from most of the wildlife, and 100 yards away from more dangerous wildlife, because the second these creatures feel threatened by your presence, things could end very badly. Seriously, the amount of videos I’ve seen over the past few years of tourists approaching wildlife are simply mind boggling.

Here we have yet another example of a moron tourist (or “touron,” if you will) standing dangerously close to a bison at Yellowstone National Park.

Although the bison is on the other side of the fencing chewing on grass, you can almost sense that one of these tourists standing close by was about to do something stupid… and sure enough, it happened.

You can see an elderly woman reach over the fence, and pet the bison. Luckily, the bison kept on chewing grass, and didn’t retaliate once the woman touched it. But we’ve seen time and time again, all it takes is a quick flick of that massive head to knock you out cold with a devastating headbutt.

You can hear somebody yell out on the other side:

“Hey you guys are too close! Don’t touch the wildlife he’s a dangerous animal.”

Although this situation went about as smooth as possible… it’s the exception, not the rule. She’s lucky she didn’t get knocked into next week.

Check it out:

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