Big Stag Seemingly Flies Through The Air As It Leaps Through The Forest

Red Stag flying

This fella about to audition for Santa’s reindeer squad.

While they look more like an elk than your average whitetail, red deer are generally quite a bit smaller than elk, but larger than your average deer here in North America. While a big bull elk can get up near 1,000 pounds, a big red stag will top out around 600 pounds. Elk are also known for their loud and powerful, high-pitched bugle, whereas stags offer up a throaty roar that almost sounds like a cow mooing when they want to attract a mate.

For the most part, we don’t have these beauties in North American unless they were brought over for a hunting ranch. The red deer is found all across Europe as one of the continent’s most popular game animals. They’re also found in eastern Europe, as well as Russia and Turkey, parts of Iran and even mountain regions of northern Africa, but have been introduced in Australia and New Zealand as well as parts of South America.

These beasts are a favorite for people far and wide whether its for their delicious meat or just seeing them in the wild. Besides their massive size, and big antlers, a stag’s best defense is their speed. They can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour, making them able to escape the predators that chase them. They navigate dense forests with incredible agility and spatial awareness, moving at high speeds through the trees. They can also jump quite far and high.

This big boy put that on full display, and in almost scary fashion, looks like he’s literally flying through the woods. The video shows a big ol’ red stag on an absolute tear through the woods. As he gets close, it takes a leap and seemingly flies right on by the camera. Like Michael Jordan taking off from the free throw line, the stag just seems to float as he effortlessly makes his escape.

It’s unclear what these lads were hunting, but the stag doesn’t seem to be a target. With the hounds present, I’m inclined to think they could be hunting for wild boar in a place like Poland, but it’s anyone’s guess.

An incredible encounter any way around, and these hunters got a front row seat.

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