Raccoon Puts Up A Heck Of A Fight As Injured Cougar Takes It Out In Backyard

Mountain lion fights raccoon

Nothing like a backyard brawl, especially a highly unexpected one.

Cougars are some of the most feared animals out there and there’s a good reason for it. They have the tools to fight the with best of them, the trained assassins in the woods. These wild cats use their large size, reaching weights of 175-pounds, to manhandle animals that can be larger than them. They are very muscular and use those muscles to jump up to 40 feet in one leap.

They pair their long jumps and fast speed with a killer bite and claws that are razor sharp. Anything that comes in their path has a tough road ahead of them.

Most of the time they like to eat deer if they can, but will eat anything if they need to. Raccoons aren’t typically on the menu, but this injured cougar needed a meal. When injured an unable to hunt as effectively as it normally would, this mountain lion opted for an easier target.

The cougar is seen latched onto a raccoon, who doesn’t think twice and fights right back. At certain points in the scuffle, it’s hard to tell if the cougar has a hold of the raccoon or if it is the other way around, but the raccoon put up quite the fight.

I’ve seen videos of them taking out deer easier than that.

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