No, Willie Nelson Is NOT Dead – Country Music Fans Freak Out Reading New Album Announcement

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Didn’t mean to scare y’all with that one.

This morning, the LIVING legend Willie Nelson announced his 75th solo studio album, The Border. Many news outlets, like ourselves, were eagerly typing the words for the album announcement article, thrilled to hear that the Red Headed Stranger has been in the studio and is still making new music at 90 years old.

However, after we shared the album announcement, it seems that we might have jump-scared many of our followers. Even though the headline starts with “Living,” we clearly gave few readers a heart attack given the comment section:

“My God I thought this was a death announcement.”

“SAME. Was about to have a heart attack.”

“The anxiety from the first to last word of this post was serious.”

“When I first saw the picture it scared the hell out of me.”

“You had me there for a second, boss.”

“I almost lost my sh*t, I thought he died.”

“Was about to have a heart attack.”

“My heart dropped.”

“Don’t do that to me man.”

“I was sure we had lost Willie. Glad it’s just another album.”

“I thought this was saying he died and my heart skipped holy ****.”

“Holy *** for a moment I thought he died.”

“They even started the title with “Living,” and I also thought the same thing, lol.”

Sorry for the skipped heartbeats folks, but thankfully, we are not here to report that the outlaw legend has passed.

In the meantime, fire up the lead and title single from the album “The Border.”

Of course, Willie goes viral at least once a year with folks thinking he’s passed on. So much so that he actually wrote and recorded a song called “Still Not Dead” back in 2016. It was featured on his 2017 album God’s Problem Child:

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