“He Got Me Good” – Joe Rogan Talks About Preparing Himself For Donald Trump’s Aggressive Handshake

Donald Trump Joe Rogan
Steven Cheung

Gotta get yourself pumped up for that handshake.

Former President Donald Trump has often been the subject of viral memes for his…well, aggressive handshakes. So if you’re going to go in to greet 45, you better be prepared.

And that’s what Joe Rogan said he did when he was gearing up to meet Trump for the first time.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan talked about preparing for what he knew was going to be an aggressive handshake:

“I was ready for it the first time. First time I met him…first of all he has normal sized hands. I have big hands, he has regular sized hands. He’s a big guy.

So I was ready. I knew I was going to meet him. First time I met him, he came over, just put his hands on his shoulders, like ‘Oh you do a great job.’

But I was sitting. So this time I actually stood up, we made eye contact, I said, ‘How you doing sir?’

I shook his hand, I’m like, ‘Oh I know what he’s about to do.’ So I f*cking anchored myself. I’m like, not today son, not today…

But we were hanging on for awhile.”

The second time though, Trump got him.

“The next time I met him, he was at a UFC as well…

I’m sitting down and he looks at me and he goes like this, and he gets up and starts walking towards me. And I get up and I reach over with my hand and he yanks, and I’m over a table.

Really f*cking got me. He got me good. I’m like, this motherf*cker learns from his mistakes.”

Rogan also says that former White Stripes frontman Jack White wasn’t happy that he shook Trump’s hand:

“I’m like, stop crying. Settle down and stop crying. Would you be ok if I shook Biden’s hand?”

Gotta be prepared for those handshakes. Joe Rogan’s a strong guy, so if Trump can get him, you know that you’ve got to know what you’re getting into before you go in for the shake.

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