Coyotes Battle Over Bison Carcass Buried In The Snow At Yellowstone National Park

Coyotes fighting over bison

Battles often ensue when food is scarce.

Two coyotes in Yellowstone National Park were in search of food as the expansive landscape was blanketed in snow, and one of the canines had managed to find a nutritious source buried beneath the wintry precipitation.

It was chowing down on what is believed to be a deceased bison, and had the dead animal all to itself for a while. That is until another coyote caught wind of the bison that had been uncovered.

There’s no such thing as “finders keepers” out in the wild. The first coyote should have had dibs on what is presumed to be the bison, though out in the wild, animals often have to fight for what is theirs.

Another coyote that calls Yellowstone home came to the conclusion that it would try and steal some food instead of discovering its own. As the animal that had found the bison chowed down, the other coyote snuck up behind it (made easier to do so by the snow) and launched a sneak attack.

The coyote face off lasted a good 10 minutes, as neither wanted to let the food source go to the other (and they apparently were never taught that sharing is caring).

After an intense, lengthy fight, the coyote that was trying to snag away the jackpot-find gave up and walked away. Credit is due to both animals, with one giving a valiant effort to snack on some bison while the other played impeccable defense to make sure it kept what it had stumbled upon.

And lucky for us, it was all caught on camera by Wolftracker guide Michael Sypniewski as he gave a tour through Yellowstone National Park. The video was shared on the official Wolftracker page, and was explained with this caption:

Michael Sypniewski and his guests watched two coyotes duke it out along the Lamar River. This intense back and forth battle went on for close to 10 minutes! Although obstructed from their view, they believe the two canines were fighting over the remains of a bison carcass buried deep in the snow.”

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