Weiner Dog Gets Better View Than Most At Zach Bryan Concert After Parents Couldn’t Find A Pet Sitter

Zach Bryan dog

Bring your pet to a concert day.

The content from Zach Bryan‘s Quittin’ Time Tour is already top-notch and it’s just getting started. While ZB might be already forgetting what city he is in, fans are eating up the set list and the celebrity appearances.

While Kacey Musgraves’ appearance kicking off the tour is hard to top, this four-legged special guest might give her a run for her money.

Fans with floor tickets (which, you know, cost them a pretty penny) couldn’t find a dog sitter to watch their wiener dog while at the Buffalo, New York show, so what was their solution? Naturally, they put noise-canceling headphones on the pup and brought him to enjoy music from the Oklahoma boy.

This dog got a better view than most as his owners carried him and bopped around to the songs on the setlist. After watching the adorable clip, the owner’s caption made me smile even more.

He does wag his tail more when we play Zach’s music at home.”

Is this what heaven looks like for dogs?

The comment section quickly filled up with notes for the extra good boy:

“Saw you there and thought that was the cutest thing ever.”

“If I have a wiener dog, it would come everywhere with us.”

“Can I be your dog, too? Free ZB ticket.”

“Omg, I wish I was that dog.”

@roadshowrecap He does wag his tail more when we play Zach’s music at home #dachsund #zachbryan #zachbryanconcert #buffalo #fyp ♬ original sound – roadshowrecap

@amberlyy68 Wish I was held the entire concert 😭 #zachbryan #quittintimetour #concert #fyp ♬ original sound – amberlyy

Given that ZB is a huge dog lover himself, I think he would approve of this parenting decision. Zach Bryan even has a portion of the video footage played during the show dedicated to his Chocolate Lab, Jack. With Jack being man’s best friend, of course he has been on the road with his father.

ZB shows are for dog people.

@morgancouturee Literally the greatest day of my life #zachbryan #zachbryanconcert #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen ♬ original sound – morgan 🌷

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