“It’s Gettin’ Country & Western Around Here” – Miranda Lambert Has Taken Up Mounted Shooting

Miranda Lambert country music

Miranda Lambert is taking up a new hobby.

It’s no secret that Miranda Lambert is a huge animal person. From her company, MuttNation, which works to relocate animals during natural disasters, to her little farm full of equines, she has a big heart for four-legged creatures.

Lambert has shared with friends over the years her love for Gypsy Vanner horses, showing some of her own when she isn’t on the big stage, and Lamber recently shared that she is expanding her passion for equestrian sports beyond Gypsy horses, falling in love with mounted shooting.

For those unfamiliar with the challenging competition style, participants shoot at balloons and other objects while canting through an obstacle-style course on horseback. The horseman nailing all the targets while getting through the course with the quickest speed takes home the top prize. If you think flying around barrels looks hard…try adding the shooting element to it. This is for those with above-average hand-eye coordination.

“In the last few months I’ve picked up the hobby of mounted shooting and in the process I’ve made some amazing new friend…”

Lambert told her Instagram followers about her growing love for the sport combined with an announcement welcoming a new horse to her herd.

“Y’all please welcome the newest member of our farm-ily. This is “Cool”. He is one of the sweetest horses I’ve ever met. He does it all with grace and patience and has already taught me so much.

Miranda Lambert just entered a new decade of her life, recently celebrating 40. With that, she hopes to find new hobbies and continue to push herself professionally and personally.

“I turned 40 in November, and I’m ready for a decade of pushing myself to be better and bolder, both personally and professionally. This feels like the perfect beginning to that journey.”

Her journey with Cool seems like it kicked off at the perfect time and will provide her with some quality unplugged time when she is not on the road. Who knows, maybe Miranda Lambert will start showing up at rodeos and competing in mounted shooting instead of taking the stage in the future.

In her own words:

“Y’all get ready it’s gettin’ country and western around here!”

It feels fitting to fire up “If I Was A Cowboy” after this.

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