49 Winchester Releases Music Video For Their Reimagined Version of “Chemistry”

49 Winchester
49 Winchester

Few bands out there in the country music scene, if any, have as remarkable of a live sound as 49 Winchester does.

While the band of buddies from Castlewood, Virginia has always been good, their sound and live show, as with any up and coming band, has evolved greatly over the years. It’s always consisted of the same country rock & roll sound with their signature Appalachian Soul flare, but as they have continued to hone their craft through hundreds of live shows, in front of growing crowds at bigger venues, things have changed a bit, and a handful of their songs have taken on new lives within their live performances.

A couple of songs from 49 Winchester’s catalog in particular have evolved with their live set, and in an effort to better reflect the latest and greatest of their evolving sound, the band opted to re-record them this past fall. Reimagined versions of  “Chemistry” and “Everlasting Lover,” two of the band’s biggest hits off of their incredible 2020 project III, hit streaming platforms together back in September 2023, accompanied by a touching music video for the latter.

Now, several months later, the band has released a music video for “Chemistry” as well, giving fans a glimpse into the recording process. In a recent post made to 49 Winchester’s Instagram,  they provided some additional insight into the video and the motivation behind the reimagined recording.

“The studio video for our 2023 version of “Chemistry” is out now. 

This song has grown so much since it was first recorded for our album ‘III.’ Over thousands of miles & hundreds of shows since then, it’s taken on a whole new sound, and became a staple of the setlist! With that in mind it only felt right to shoot this during pre-production for our next album, and as always, we had a blast with out buddy Thomas Crabtree behind the camera.

Check it out over on our YouTube channel and enjoy ‘Chemistry’ streaming everywhere you listen to music!”

Check out the video here:

And while we’re at it, check out the aforementioned reimagined version of their hit “Everlasting Lover,” another song that has taken on a new life in the band’s rise over the past couple years, that was released alongside the new “Chemistry” back in the fall.

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