Woman Wrangles Rogue Possum In Texas Bar, Carries It Out By The Tail

Possum Texas bar
Banita Creek Hall

Why do I feel like this might be the next redneck sport?

This woman is built different. Jessica White found a possum on the loose in Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches, Texas, right before closing last spring. While the bar was clearing out for the night, instead of getting help from the bar staff, she took matters into her own hands.

Talk about a true country girl.

She wrangled the opossum, grabbing it by its tail to prevent it from biting her, before carrying it outside to be released. This “heroic” act earned her the nickname “Possum Queen.”

A social media user captured the moment on video, and this is not a small possum by any means. As she walks next to security to take the wild animal outside, fellow bargoers attempt to take pictures with her or pet the animal.

A Southern California news station, ABC7LA, picked up the story, commenting that the bar owner said the woman wouldn’t have to pay for drinks for the foreseeable future, but they think she could get free drinks for life.

“She should have drinks for life for free! That’s hilarious.”

“Oh, excuse me, I’m a boss coming through. Look at that! She had no fear. She ain’t squeamish.”

Winning the hearts of country boys everywhere… God bless Texas…

@abc7la A woman has been dubbed the “possum queen” after she calmly caught and removed a rogue possum from a Texas bar. 😨 #news #abc7 #abc7eyewitness #possum #critter #animal #animalsoftiktok #Texas #bar #possumqueen ♬ original sound – ABC7LA

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