“Sounds Like A Demonic Witch” – Hiker Hears Terrifying Screams Of Female Mountain Lion Near Arizona Campsite

Hunter hears mountain lion
Casey Ryan

What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of a real-life horror movie? If you are like this guy, you’d probably just get your phone out and start nonchalantly recording. In this day and age, even if your life could potentially be at risk, you’ve got to “do it for the Gram,” am I right?

When you go camping, there’s usually at least some motive to get out in nature to “unplug.” It’s a great reason to get outside, though occasionally something happens while you are out in nature that requires you to quickly plug back in.

Which brings us to this video showing a man trekking across the Mount Ord wilderness area in Arizona. He was out there roughing it, gathering firewood when he was stopped right in his tracks by the screams of a nearby mountain lion.

Once he heard the high pitched yells off in the distance, he started recording and was cut off by the mountain lion’s bellowing right after he got this sentence out:

“So there is a female mountain lion that has been screaming around my campsite.”

The man halted his speech and his movement to let the female mountain lion’s calls come through, and boy did they ever. Screams from the big cat were just far enough away for the guy to not be too concerned, but at the same time close enough to where they came through crystal clear in the footage.

As he listened to the repeated yelps from the mountain lion, he provided this commentary:

“I’ve lived in north Idaho my entire life, and I’m in the Arizona Mount Ord wilderness right now, and I knew that they were around. I actually saw some scat around my campsite.

I’ve only heard that sound once or twice before in my life, and it’s equally terrifying every time. Sounds like a demonic witch in the forest. But it’s a friendly reminder for you to not only respect where you are camping, but to pay attention and also protect yourself.”

That last line means that the man in the clip had enough common sense to know you do not want to mess with the wild animals out in nature. We tend to focus in on those individuals who aren’t as initiated on the dangers of the outdoors, like people who seemingly enjoy walking right up to bison at Yellowstone National Park.

It’s nice to see someone have a wildlife encounter from a safe distance for once, and manage to keep his cool enough to allow for the footage to be a learning moment that doesn’t involve someone getting flipped up into the air by a wild animal.

You can scroll to the right on the post below to see (and hear) the remarkable video:

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