Little Girl Gets Absolutely Launched Into The Air By An Angry Bison In Yellowstone National Park


Bison, we have liftoff.

We can confirm that this animal encounter took place in none other than Yellowstone National Park (where else would it happen?), and we also know that this little girl is currently orbiting the Earth after practically getting launched into space by a Bison.

The video was shared on the Twitter account “1000 Ways to Die,” and let me preface this whole article by saying that though we don’t know the extent of the injuries (apparently she wasn’t seriously injured), this little girl did not die.

Now, have people passed away before from Bison attacks? Yes, they certainly have.

Here’s an interesting fact for you actually:

People who approach Bison and/or get close enough for the massive, horned animals to feel threatened are 100% more likely to be attacked and possibly die than people who intelligently stay away from and/or do not bother them.

Despite all of the warnings, some people still just don’t get the memo of “f*** around and find out,” even forcing the National Park Service to put out a hilarious PSA about petting bison recently.

This particular video isn’t very long, but it still manages to tell a pretty big story. First, people near the bison realize that the animal is getting angry and it starts to rush them. The adults abandon a child (way to go guys), so the massive beast hones in on her and prepares for liftoff.

The little girl is then sent flying through the air, appearing to be lifted by the bison’s head and not its horns (thankfully). She does a complete flip in the air, and looks to be landing somewhat on her feet when the video cuts off.

Do I think she absolutely stuck the landing like an olympic gymnast? No, that’s probably not likely. However, I do think that the way she appeared to be ending the flip is a lot better than if she would have been wrapping up the impromptu aerial stunt on her head.

Take a look:

Pretty brutal, and you have to think that the adults that ran off leaving the little girl by herself are somewhat (if not fully) responsible.

Twitter sounded off in the reply section with all kinds of takes on the Bison encounter:

Yellowstone Visitor Ditches A Small Child, Runs For Safety Trying To Avoid Charging Bison

Play stupid games… win stupid prizes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that getting close to wildlife at Yellowstone National Park is incredibly dangerous, for both yourself and the wildlife.

On top of that, you can face jail time for messing with the wildlife at the park.

Of course, any time you mix people with wild animals, idiots abound.

People choose not to listen, and are willing to risk their safety and their criminal record for the brief feeling and satisfaction of saying you “messed with an animal at Yellowstone.”

Here’s exhibit A.

According to NBC Montana, a small group of bozo visitors (with a small child) approached a bison last year, and needless to say, the bison did not want to be bothered, because it charged right back at the visitors.

In the footage, you can see the bison charge two adults and a child, with one of the adults bailing on the child and running for safety. Tell me why the adults always put their kids in danger and then run away when the bison charges? Blows my mind…

Thankfully, right before the child was about to be railroaded by the charging bison, he’s lifted out of harm’s way by one of the other adults who seems to take a horn in the back in the process.

The bison ended up lifting the man off the ground, and it looks like it may have just got his shirt or jacket, but it’s hard to tell. He may very well have taken a nice jab to the back. Either way, hopefully it was enough for them to learn a lesson.

And of course, the two morons who left the kid high and dry are still standing around like the danger is over. Unreal…

Towards the end of the video, some genius hits the bison with bear spray, even though they’re the ones pestering the bison.

Granted, it appears they are on a designed walking path, but still… you see all the other people in the background standing very far away? There’s a good reason for that…

This could potentially lead to jail time, as a woman who tried to mess with a grizzly bear earlier this year at Yellowstone (shocker, the bear charged at her) landed herself four days in jail for her actions.

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.

Gored In The Arm & Taken To The Hospital

According to MSN, the man and his family were walking on a boardwalk near Giant Geyser when a bull perceived them as a threat and charged. While the first attempt missed, the family remained in the area (smart…) and eventually the bison charged again.

Two of the adults fled, leaving a helpless small child behind. A third man grabbed the kid from harm’s way (potentially saving the kid’s life), but took a horn to the arm in the process.

He was sent to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for care and treatment. No word is out on his condition yet.

Listen, I get wanting to stay around and see as many awesome sights as you can, hell Yellowstone National Park has been on my bucket list for years, but if a freaking bison is getting even relatively near me, let alone my family, I’m getting the HELL out of there.

How many of these stories do we need to hear?

Stay away from the bison, people.

I can’t believe I have to type that out…

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