Man Bravely Climbs Into Crawlspace With Paintball Gun To Evict Mother Bear & Her Cubs

Bear under porch
Toogee Sielsch

The line between bravery and stupidity is very blurry.

On one hand, rushing into the face of danger can be seen as courageous. We’ve all seen it play out in movies, where the main character puts their fear and own life aside to serve others. But then you have some people who might do something similar, only when they do it, it’s viewed as “wow, that guy is stupid.”

Those types of people are also sometimes viewed as “having a death wish.” I hate to speak in absolutes, but this guy certainly crawled into a crawlspace with a paintball gun to take on some bears very well knowing he might not make it out, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

What do I know though? Another guy out in California also had a paintball gun as his weapon of choice when he went crawling into his crawlspace to evict a 500 pound black bear. There must be something to it if everyone is doing it (and by everyone, I mean two people).

The caption for this clip states that he “bear-ly made it out alive,” and though I love the pun, for some reason saying that doesn’t sit right with me. Can you say that if the guy is the one who willingly put himself in that situation? I think the better use of the pun would be “he must have bear-ly thought about this before he went in.”

But it all worked out for the man, whether you want to call him valiant or dumb. He crawled in with his paintball gun and a flashlight and forced the three bears out, and lived to tell the tale. I’d say that’s mission accomplished in his book.

Check it out:

Absolutely terrifying.

That stunt would without a doubt be deemed too dangerous for Fear Factor, yet this guy was just doing his job like a plumber would get underneath a sink to unclog a drain. I’m still floored by the man’s confidence in himself to get the bears out of there, and I’d say everyone in the comment section mostly feels the same way:

“Bears were like teenagers running from a busted party.”

“With balls that’s big I’m surprised you can fit em through such small opening.”

“This guy has nerves of steel to crawl underneath of there. I’ve never seen a bear family do that. He’s lucky the bears didn’t attack him.”

“Dude brought a paintball to teach the bears a lesson? What a legend.”

“This guy definitely needs a raise. Holy sh*t!”

Who are we kidding? That guy doesn’t want a raise. He just wants first dibs the next time a family of bears gets into that crawlspace…

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