Fish Jumps To Dry Land To Escape A Hungry Northern Pike

Northern pike
Curtis Woloshyn

Imagine being so scared that you are willing to go into an environment you can’t even live in? That’s the power of these predators.

It’s a fish-eat-fish world when you get beneath the surface of the water and pike are some of the most fierce fish in freshwater. Northern Pike are a trophy fish for many anglers because of their large size, reaching over 40 inches and over 20 pounds. These toothy fish are apex predators that lurk around until its time to attack, which they do with speed and power charging at their prey in a flash.

These predators will eat literally anything they think they can get, from fish to birds, and even their own kind. If they see the opportunity they will take it.

These fishermen were releasing a small pike when they noticed a bigger one lurking around. The small pike is weary of the deeper water, and hesitantly moves deeper and deeper. In a flash a much larger pike charges towards it, the small fish reacts quick and heads straight for shore, thinking that the people were a better option.

That is one wild thing to catch on video, a fish so scared it came on dry land.

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