Tourists Get Into Up Close & Personal Screaming Match At Grand Canyon National Park

grand canyon fight

There’s nothing like the great outdoors.

Most of the time, getting outside can help ease the stresses and tension of everyday life. But on the other hand, sometimes it reverts people back to their ancestral roots, when you had to fight day in and day out.

That must’ve been what happened with these two tourists who visited Grand Canyon National Park. One of the men had jumped over the safety railing with his significant other to get a picture, and an old man also visiting the park wasn’t going to let that happen lying down.

When the guy jumped back over the fence to return to the path, the feisty old man (wheeling around a small suitcase) was right there waiting to rip him a new one. They say you are supposed to respect your elders, but this sign-ignoring tourist clearly wasn’t one to follow the rules.

As the younger man was making his way over the barrier, the older man hit him with a:

“Why would you do that? Why are you such a fool?”

Obviously, that question escalated the situation. Instead of that inquiry resulting in a peaceful conversation, it triggered the two men’s faces to get inches away from each other as they traded insults (and likely spit) firing back and forth at one another.

But what really got things going was when the old man tried to tell the rebellious, fence-jumping tourist that he was “under arrest.” I would have loved to see a good, old-fashioned citizen’s arrest caught on camera, especially at Grand Canyon National Park.

Soon after that, the old man went full “get off my lawn” mode and dropped this line into the disagreement:

“What are you gonna do about it punk? You don’t scare me. You might be young, but you don’t scare me.”

It looked as if things would turn violent at any moment, but fortunately (or unfortunately if you were hoping to see a fight) another woman that was there at the scene stepped in to break up the fight. She came in like a superhero, saying that everyone else was just trying to enjoy the scenery.

Her stepping in seemed to do the trick, as the two men who had just spent a minute or so jawing at one another eventually decided to go their separate ways (even though they ended up walking in the same direction).

This just goes to show that you never know what you’ll see when you visit our National Parks. The fights usually happen between the wildlife that call the parks home, but sometimes if the stars align, you could even see two grown men square off out in nature:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock