Massive Black Bear Challenges Bowhunter Who Stands His Ground

Bear approaches bowhunter
Stoney Wolf Outdoors

Talk about a wild thrill.

Can you imagine standing face-to-face with a bear that big who is sizing you up? A black bear is not a small animal or one to really mess around with. While smaller than their grizzly cousins, they still can reach over 600-pounds, and strong enough to tangle with the best of them. Growing large means they have to eat a ton, and for bears that sometimes can mean over 20,000 calories in a day. Having to find that much food makes these bears resourceful. They can dig, bite, climb, and claw their way into or through anything they think is food.

Black bears are generally scared of humans, but some that never see them or are protective of their territory or food will have no trouble coming in to check out people. This bowhunter learned that up close and personal.

The hunter is seen standing on a beach line as a massive black bear wanders up to him out of the grass and sizes him up. The hunter remains calm despite the very close distance but proceeds with caution with his arrow ready to fly. The bear slowly creeps in causing the man to back away slowly to get some distance. He still holds his ground which is enough to send the bear running.

“How’s that for getting close? That sucker was like 3, 4 feet, like me to you”

Yup, that was close but this guy clearly loves the close encounters as he laughs it off. I don’t think I would be laughing right away about that one.

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