“I Will Miss It Terribly” — It Sounds Like Luke Grimes Is Moving On From ‘Yellowstone’ Franchise After Season 5

Luke Grimes country music
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It sounds like Luke Grimes’ time as part of the Yellowstone franchise is coming to an end after Season 5.

While it remains to be seen if and when exactly that will actually happen, Grimes (AKA Kayce Dutton) has actually been pursuing a country music career and just released his debut country album Pain Pulls or Pews this past Friday.

We do know that a spinoff series has been green-lit to continue the modern-day Dutton story after Yellowstone ends, while the second season of 1923 and upcoming 1944 continue to dive into the early years of the Dutton story, and Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is being courted for the lead. However, that is reportedly FAR from set in stone.

And in a recent interview with People, Grimes admitted that the show has been “a huge part of my life” for the last seven years (he even moved to Montana permanently), and he will “miss it terribly.” So yeah… doesn’t sound like he’ll be back in any capacity with the spinoff shows after Yellowstone officially wraps:

“For seven years, we’ve been doing this, and we started in 2017. That’s crazy. This cast and crew, they’re like a second family, we spend a lot of time together. It’s been one of the most intense experiences of my life. Also, one of the most rewarding.

It’s changed my life in every way possible. Nothing will ever be the same because of this show in all sorts of ways, good and bad. I will miss it terribly. I know that. I mean, I think I’m ready to know how it ends. I’m ready to tell the end of the story.”

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now about what the hold up us, though the relationship has reportedly deteriorated between Taylor Sheridan and the shows star Kevin Costner, as complexities in filming schedules and production delays have continued to cause issues for Costner who wants time to film his own western project, Horizon. 

Costner has argued that Sheridan is late on scripts, Sheridan says Costner is demanding more money… who knows what is really going on, all we know is that Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 is set to premiere this coming November, and as of right now, Costner won’t be in it.

I’ll personally be really sad to see Grimes leave the franchise because he was my favorite character from day one (duh), but his first country release is pretty solid and he’s already played large festivals like Stagecoach with his own original music.

The great Dave Cobb produced his debut record, and seeing as music has long-been a passion for Grimes (even before acting), I can understand why he wants to really go for it after the show officially ends. He was admittedly “terrified” to make an album, but it sounds like that’s what he’ll be focusing on going forward:

“I was terrified to do it. If you would’ve asked me three or four years ago, ‘Do you think you’ll have an album coming out in the near future?’ I would’ve said absolutely not. It sounds terrifying.

This is an introduction to who I am and what’s on my mind. I’ve been playing characters for a long time and been acting for 20 years, and that whole process is completely the opposite, where you’re trying to get someone to believe that you’re something or someone else.”

We’ll see what happens, because obviously he didn’t confirm or deny anything, but I think it’s pretty clear he wants to go all-in on a country music career.

And if you haven’t had a chance to listen to any of the new music from Pain Pulls or Pews yet, I’d recommend checking out some of my favorites below.

“Black Powder”


“Hold On”

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