Hunters Think They’ve Found A Bedding Deer, Ends Up Being A Mountain Lion

hunters find bedding mountain lion

Make sure you know what your about to try and walk up on when you’re out there in the woods…

Mountain lions are some of the most deadly animals out there. Most of the time they don’t bother humans and even though they are present, mostly go unnoticed. As long as they are well-fed, they aren’t seen. As the old saying goes in mountain lion country, “where there’s deer there’s mountain lions.” They are their favorite meal.

These folks were out for a hunt with their bow, trying to track down some deer. One of the hunters thought he spotted either a dead doe or a bedding buck down in the grass. Either way, he was making a plan to sneak up in case it was a shootable deer.

As they sat and planned the animal moved, confirming it was alive, but… it was definitely not a deer.

“That’s a frigging mountain lion”

Well, you’re in the right spot for deer, but… you might want to get out of there. The man immediately starts talking loudly to alert the cat that they are there, and in the most uncomfortable manner, the mountain lion turns and stares right at them. It’s enough to send shivers down you’re spine.

Props for actually sneaking up on a danger kitty, it’s pretty tough to do, but that could’ve been a bad encounter.

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