Giant Squid Wraps Its Tentacles Around A Surfboard & Dumps Paddler Into The Ocean

squid latches on to surf board
James Taylor

That would be some freaky…

This is my beef with the ocean, I don’t need no creature with giant in its name, grabbing onto my board with tentacles that have suction cups to grab onto things. Not to mention those bird-like beaks they have hiding under all that calamari.

Squid are some of the craziest looking creatures out there with their tube shaped bodies and tentacles that are designed to hold onto things and kill them. Giant squid take it to a whole new level, reaching lengths well over 40 feet at their largest. These creatures wander the oceans usually the deep parts (where they should stay), and eat anything they can wrap themselves around.

This surfer had a rare up close encounter with one of these wild beasts.

While out surfing a giant squid came up and started hanging around his surfboard, only to start grabbing onto it. Grab onto his rope, then starts grabbing the board. The man fights for it, but the squid end up with it in a strangle hold, knocking him into the water, before he hops back on. Obviously, he got the video uploaded, so no harm no foul, but man, that’ll get the blood pumping a little bit harder, eh?

Wherever this is, keep me away from there…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock