Grizzly Bear Hops Up On The Hood Of Car At Yellowstone National Park

Bear jumps on car at Yellowstone
YouTube/David B

I’m not sure this would count as “road rage” as much as it seems like it’s “road interest.”

Regardless, some Yellowstone National Park visitors got more than they bargained for when they encountered this curious grizzly bear wandering around the road of the park. Traffic on the road through the woods was pretty busy, so this big bear decided to play the role of traffic cop and inspect some of the vehicles.

Usually if you are directing traffic, you are trying to speed up the flow of the vehicles, but this grizzly had other ideas. As it comes out of the woods and towards the asphalt, it first checks out the tail lights of a Honda parked on the side of the road.

A family in a car stopped on the opposite side of the road is filming the bear, who after appearing to give the other sedan the “all clear”, crosses the road (looking both ways) towards the videographer’s vehicle.

At first, some of the people who were filming the grizzly were outside their car. Once they realized that the bear was heading right for them, they smartly chose to return into the safety of their vehicle and promptly locked their doors. Everyone inside gets giddy with excitement (instead of being fearful) when the bear hones in on the front of their car and begins in investigate.

As the bear’s paws climb up onto the vehicle, the car is flooded with nervous laughter as they literally come face to face with the apex predator. The grizzly stands up on its back legs and stares directly into the camera, prompting the woman filming the whole thing to say:

“There’s a bear on my car. Oh my gosh. There’s a bear on my car.”

Those within the vehicle make comments at how large the claws of the grizzly are, and rightfully so. Each one is easily three or four inches long, and could do some damage to the paint of the car in a heartbeat. The bear jumps down from the front of the car, prompting those within it to breathe a sigh of relief. But the bear wasn’t done just yet…

It was out of sight only for a moment, giving off a suspenseful “horror movie” vibe as those within the car didn’t know where it had gone. Then, as quickly as it disappeared, it jumps up on the driver side window to continue to curiously peer through the windshield at the people inside.

The screams become a little bit more serious at this point, as the bear taps on the window of the driver as if to say “license and registration please.” Thankfully, it quickly falls back down to the ground and wanders around to the opposite side to do the same thing

. At this point, it is clear that the bear isn’t trying to hurt anyone, but is rather just intrigued by the car and its windows.

However, one of the kids in the car becomes pretty worried about the situation, and asks the parents in the front:

“How are we going to get him away?”

And it seems like the cars that are passing by are helping do the trick with that, with the bear cautiously watching the other vehicles go by and beginning to think of an exit strategy. Another bear comes out of nowhere around the 2:27 mark of the footage, and that also seems to help the grizzly give up on the car.

Those within the vehicle were considering honking the horn to really make sure the bear would leave them alone, but starting the car ended up being enough.

Right before the grizzly finally runs back off into the woods, you can hear one of the kids in the backseat say:

“That was the scariest thing on Earth. That bear is very, very curious, and it’s a grizzly bear.”

All those observations check out. Take a look at the heart-pounding-yet-hilarious video below:

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