First Time Hunter Accidentally Shoots A “Moo Cow” Instead Of A Cow Elk, Costs Her $250,000

hunter shoots cow
Cierra Mistt

Oh, my…

How can a person go out hunting and confuse an elk for a domestic dairy cow… a cow that moos. It just don’t make sense. I would give someone the benefit of the doubt if they had mistaken the cow for an elk. They are both pretty large animals with a similar enough shape and color in some cases.

But even then, your average cow elk is going to reach 700-pounds, while most cows will get as much as double that.

If you have ever wondered if someone thought their ‘cow’ hunting tag was for a real cow, this lady not only has the answer but also the repercussions of it as she tells her story.

“Just when I thought this couldn’t get any more embarrassing or traumatizing as like my first hunting experience, it does.”

Oh, great let’s here it.

“So after I got off the phone with my boyfriend and he finally made it back to camp, he genuinely thought that I was pulling a prank on him because he’s like Sierra, nobody’s that dumb to mistake a cow tag for a moo cow and not a female elk.”

Fair point, but I think he was proven wrong…

“That’s when I showed him a moo cow and he thought differently.”

Moo cow… it kills me every time that she has to refer to it as this.

“He was just like, call the rancher, explain the situation. It was your first time hunting and it’s like a silly little mistake. It’s kind of funny, but at the same time, they’ll probably just let you go.

As I’m telling them what’s happened, they don’t seem as chill as I was hoping they would be and so they were just like, ‘okay, what was it? Bull or dairy cow. And that’s how much you, oh, it’s depending on what it was.’

So I had to roll it over and see what like the junk under the trunk type thing was. And that’s when I saw the mommy milker. So I was like, oh, I think it’s a dairy cow. Looking back, I definitely should have said bull. Guess how much it is for a dairy cow? Because it’s not only the dairy cow. It’s also the cost of the dairy produced, the cost of their offspring and the cost of their offspring’s offspring, which they will just assume that it was going to be the most expensive offspring they could have. So if you guessed $250,000, you’d be right.”

250k?!? Oh my goodness, I nearly passed out hearing it. Hunting has cost me countless dollars but… but a quarter million dollars on one trip? And you don’t even get an elk? Yeesh… probably time to hang it up.

“On the bright side, when I called the DNR and explained the situation, they said that since I did the responsible thing, I’m going to keep my cow tag.”

I mean, after dropping 250K on killing a cow, maybe you should just skip that elk tag… what are you gonna kill next? Someone’s horse?

All I can say is at least she got her elk and got off easy in the end…

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