Utah News Reporter Thinks Mountain Lion Is A Dog As It Wanders Through Her Live Shot

Mountain lion walks past reporter

That ain’t no dog…

I guess ignorance is bliss? If she had have known she may have panicked. There’s predators then there are mountain lions. They are some of the most feared animals for a reason. Solitary by nature, most of the time these wild cats often go completely unnoticed until they come out for a meal. And even then they make quick work of whatever meal target they have.

These creatures can reach 175-pounds, and are built to pounce on anything in a flash. With the ability to leap 40 feet in a single bound while also aiming for the kill, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Thankfully, they rarely attack people.

But this news reporter had a close encounter with a mountain lion, that very few have, and even fewer have walked away untouched. As she is doing a live segment on some flooding in Utah she takes notice of an animal moving into the frame.

“What you are seeing is actually a dog”

Are you sure?

“I think it’s a dog, I’m not sure. But anyways there’s some sort of creature below me”

The mountain lion nearly brushes her leg as it walks through the shot and out the other side. She continues with the story, but the folks back at that station let her know that it might not be what she thinks. Sure they are all smiles but yikes, that was a close one.

Nothing like live TV, eh?

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