Massive Stampede Of Kangaroos Roam Across Suburban Melbourne Golf Course

kangaroo stampede

Not exactly something you see every day. Well, Australia is home to kangaroos, so if you’re Down Under, you’re liable to see them rumble around on the golf course every now and then, but this is quite the scene.

A couple of phone camera savvy golfers at Melbourne’s Heritage Golf & Country Club (located in the suburb of Chirnside Park) saw what my neophyte animal categorization semantics would identify as a full-blown stampede of kangaroos. The gentleman who captured the initial video, Stephen Roche, dubbed it a stampede, so I feel OK in saying that.

The footage is pretty damn awesome, yet I’d also be a little unsettled if I were in the middle of this mix.

Can’t say I’ve been to Australia amongst many travels and moves. Have spent some time golfing in Florida. Thankfully, I’ve only seen one gator from very far away jumping into the water. Beyond that, just a few big iguanas. Nothing major. I will say, golfing in the iconic Griffith Park in Los Angeles, me and my two newly acquainted pals had to stop in the middle of the fair way to let a wild fox pass by. That was a little scary, not gonna lie.

Kangaroos don’t strike me as dangerous as, say, a gator or a fox, but a quick Big J Journo bit of research tells me that, per the University of Melbourne, that kangaroos, and I quote, “are vegetarian gladiators with kicks that can kill.”

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura is here for comic effect typically. Might’ve needed him to swoop in and save the day if I couldn’t get out of the way of all those kangaroos. That’s about as terrifying of a description as I could’ve ever fathomed reading about kangaroos. Then you have this many coming in your general direction? Yeah, NOPE.

There had to be a hundred of them, right? At least the second videographer had a nice, distant view from another tee box. Mr. Roche was surprisingly chill with how close he was to the action. I guess as long as you don’t knock the kangaroos off course from where they want to go, you can stay relatively safe. Or at least feel secure to some degree.

Just glad we got the video, and the man who shot it appeared to avoid any lethal kangaroo dropkicks.

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