Massive Mob Of 20 Kangaroos Hold Up Play On Australian Golf Course

Kangaroo golfing

Would you wait for the kangaroos to clear out, or would you swing away and yell “FORE?”

Knowing that kangaroos (especially males) can become aggressive without being provoked, you definitely wouldn’t want to give them a reason to bring out their patented boxing skills. Sending a golf ball in their direction certainly wouldn’t help anything, which is why this woman smartly decided to let the roos “play through.”

This Australian golfer had her ball teed up and everything, but quickly backed off when the court of kangaroos (they can also be called a “mob” or a “troop”) came hopping down the fairway. Both she and the person holding the camera can barely believe that the parade of kangaroos seemingly came out of nowhere and then stopped right in front of them.

The guys behind the camera even says:

“How’s this for golf today? They’ve all decided to settle in the middle of the fairway.”

At first, the mob of roos was running right towards them, but they stopped on a dime right before they got up on the tee box to check things out. If they weren’t standing right where the lady was about to hit her ball, they could have just acted as a gallery for the woman, as long as they know how to pull off a golf clap.

The woman golfer even joked that they were there to see her play, turning to the camera and saying:

“They’ve come to watch me tee off…what’s going on?”

For a moment, a couple of the kangaroos get pretty close to them as the people smartly stand still on the tee box. Then, almost as quickly as the roos moved into the area, the entire group moves on out of the way, probably to their next golf hole. The woman shakes her head in disbelief as she once again prepares to hit her drive.

Take a look at “just another day in Australia” below:

X users who stumbled upon the kangaroo encounter loved the fact that the kangaroos were taking in all that the golf course had to offer, leaving replies underneath the video saying:

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