Former SEC QB Claims He Was Approached By The Mob At Jason Aldean’s Bar In Nashville To Fix Games

Jason Aldean's bar Mo Hasan
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Turns out paying for pricey beers isn’t the only money that’s getting thrown around at Jason Aldean’s bar in Nashville.

If what former Vanderbilt quarterback Mo Hasan says is true, large sums of money were being offered to fix SEC football games on Broadway as well. The ex-SEC QB was a guest on The Momentum Podcast, and while he was on there, he dropped this bombshell of a story:

“I was approached at Jason Aldean’s bar in Nashville by the Italian mob to fix football games. He offered me $300,000.

I went to get drinks and so I’m alone right now. I’m not with my friend group. He comes up to me. He offered me $300,000.”

Man, I don’t know what is more surprising. That number, or the fact that the Italian mob would have faith in a Vanderbilt quarterback to help them fix games.

What could a Vandy QB really do to help? Intentionally throw interceptions? Surely the mob wouldn’t try and get the quarterback of the meddling Vanderbilt football team (basically the Washington Generals of the SEC) to try and win games.

Hasan, who played at Vanderbilt in 2018 and 2019, went on to elaborate on the meeting at Jason Aldean’s Broadway bar:

“He said, ‘For something like this, my clients $250 to $300K.’ For a game. He said we regularly talk to guys in your position about fixing games.

He said, he named guys in the SEC who, I don’t want to say their names because they’re in the NFL right now and that’s a bad deal. But, the University of Alabama, I will tell you that. He said almost every game in the SEC is rigged.”

These are some “big if true” allegations from Mo Hasan. Could he just be making things up to get his name in the news cycle? If he’s doing that, it’s working, but just based on movies that I’ve seen, I know you do not want to get on the wrong side of the mob.

And shoutout to Jason Aldean’s bar for allegedly being a great place to conduct business….

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