Whale Breaches As Hawaiian Surfer Catches Air In Viral Video

Surfer whale

First off, I will admit I’m not familiar with surfing lingo, so please forgive me if I don’t use the right words here, but my goodness this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Hawaiian surfer Koa Smith was on the water the other day when the camera captured something that has probably only happened a handful of times. As Smith launched off the wave and did some sort of ridiculous move (maybe called a Superman based on some of the comments) one of the ocean’s most loved creatures breached a few hundred feet behind him.

What looks to be a humpback whale broke the water’s surface and leapt into the air right as he was in the middle of his trick, giving us a video that will forever live in internet lore.

I mean, come on, the odds of that are insanely high. How many people go on whale-watching trips and don’t see one, let alone see one breach, yet here this guy is with one doing acrobatics with him in the ocean.

Shoutout to Koa Smith.

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