Shed Hunter Stumbles Upon Insanely Rare Albino Porcupine In Canada


A polar-pine?

There’s something special about stumbling upon an albino or leucistic animal out in the wild. And it’s not just because their rare, although it is like winning the lottery coming across one of these animals. The odds are certainly stacked against you ever seeing one in the wild of any species.

But there’s just something special about it, almost spiritual in nature.

Porcupines are their own are a pretty neat animal. They can grow to 40 pounds and don’t do much other than waddle around and eat trees.

They are an easy target for any predator that is willing to go up against some of the best defense out there: their quills. Porcupines have approximately 30,000 needle-like quills get stuck in anything that hits them. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t shoot them out, but it they’re razor sharp and have these ridges that embedded deeper and deeper into their target.

It’s enough to keep most things away, allowing them to waddle around in peace.

Albino porcupines are estimated in some cases to be 1 in every million porcupines. Beyond that, it’s harder for them to survive as they lack any camouflaged coloring they typically have.

These folks here struck wildlife gold out in Saskatchewan, Canada. They spotted an all-white, fully albino porcupine wondering around. The video isn’t much, because they don’t move too fast or really do much of anything, but what a cool find.

Check it out:

@shedhunner_traff1 in 10,000😎

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