Stupid Tourist Sticks Their Hand In Yellowstone Hot Spring: “It’s Very Hot”

Yellowstone national park

They say you can’t fix stupid and you teach common sense… so, maybe there’s no hope for this one. These Yellowstone tourists continually prove that beyond never being in the real outdoors, that they also can’t read a sign or use basic common sense. I mean, when I think about hot “springs,” my first thought tends to be that they are probably… hot… which you would think would lead most people to proceed with caution.

These hot springs are no joke, at times reaching 250 degrees. This can be enough to severely burn and even kill a person in the worst cases (remember when they found a human foot in one?) These phenomena are obviously a large attraction for the park. But that comes with a lot of risk… people who don’t know nothing thinking that the rules don’t apply to them.

Around these hot springs it’s important to stay where you’re told and only touch what your told. If you get off the path you risk stepping somewhere unsafe or worse, damaging very unique ecosystems. But, like always people can’t help themselves, and this lady proved it here again.

She is seen off the boardwalk, needing help to get right down to the hot spring, as the steam rolls off and right by her. She reaches down slowly, but quickly gets up to her feet and runs away.

“It’s hot… It’s very hot!”

Thanks for that… we really needed you to find it out for us.

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A beer bottle on a dock