Insanely Tall Zach Bryan Fan Gets Seat Upgrade At ‘Quittin’ Time Tour’ Due To His Height

Tall guy at zach bryan concert

Note to self… find a freakishly tall boyfriend so you can get seat upgrades at every concert.

Last night, Zach Bryan kicked off his Quittin’ Time Tour with an ELECTRIC start. With Kacey Musgraves gracing the stage for a performance of her and Bryan’s hit “I Remember Everything,” followed by the debut of a new song, “The Great American Bar Scene,” the tone of the tour is set with a high bar.

Of course, while most fans were fangirling over seeing Bryan take the stage, one girl was fawning over her tall boyfriend, who unexpectedly got the couple a seat upgrade.

We all know it’s beyond frustrating to be stuck beside an obnoxiously drunk fan but a close second might be standing behind a tall fan blocking your view from the stage. As someone who is vertically challenged, I am constantly dodging left and right around tall folk to make sure lead singers stay in my eyesight, but this fan would give anyone a challenge for optimal concert viewing.

The arena staff, mindful of this challenge that other fans would face in the crowd, kindly upgraded the couple’s seat to a box so that everyone’s concert experience had fewer drunken curse words whispered under folks’ breath by the end of the night.

“When your seats get upgraded because your boyfriend is too tall and blocks everyone’s view.”

This man has to be close to 7 feet tall… just built like a mountain. As the girlfriend videos them being taken to a box, you can see that he has to duck a tiny bit to make it through the door frames. The comments quickly filled up with hilarious comments from men and women wishing they could get that treatment. Being at a ZB concert is going to be magical, and then to get this upgrade, I am sure, will be a lasting memory for this couple.

“You should rent him out.”

“Can I borrow him for a concert next week?”

“Bros just winning everything.”

“I’m over here hoping I’ll be upgraded to an accessible section after breaking my ankle.”

“Me staring at my 5’10 man…”

“Hire him out.”

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