Jelly Roll Got “Trashed” With Eric Church The First Time They Met, Wound Up Skinny Dipping In The Columbia River: “Baloo The Bear, Backstroking”

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Anthony D'Angio

I’m sure Jelly Roll has a thousand different stories worthy of going viral, but this one might be my new personal favorite.

The “Save Me” singer was a guest on the Camp Gagnon podcast, and it was on that show that Jelly Roll shared some information that his fellow country star Eric Church might have wished to have been kept secret.

Mark Gagnon, the podcast’s host, asked Jelly Roll about the most hungover that he’s ever been, and it didn’t take very long for him to start spilling the beans about a recent memorable skinny dipping session. Jelly Roll described the hilarious story like this:

“I had a show with Eric Church at The Gorge in Washington. The first night we’re there, I’d never met Eric Church. They hit me after the show and say ‘Hey man, you should come meet Eric.’ I told my wife all day ‘I think I’m gonna get drunk with Eric Church tonight.’

I went into his dressing room and me and Eric sat there and got trashed. When I walked out of his room at 3 or 4 in the morning, by 5:30 in the morning, I found my way down to the Columbia River…skinny dipping.

(I looked like) Baloo the bear, backstroking, blowing water out. We took a crew down there. I went on stage that night feeling like I had just had alcohol poisoning.”

Sounds like the first time Luke Combs went out Eric Church, if I remember correctly. Luke found himself puking in the street after a healthy combo of whiskey and wine with the Chief.

I think the visual of Baloo the bear from The Jungle Book is all we need there. We’ll keep an eye out for photos or videos of the skinny dipping, but part of me hopes those don’t exist, or at least never surface.

And you might have watched that clip and thought “Wait a second, I thought Jelly Roll was sober?” That’s actually a common misconception, and something that Jelly Roll confronted in another portion of the interview:

“I don’t like to brag about drinking because I probably got drunk a couple of handful of times this year. And every one of them were just ridiculously bad. There’s a misconception about my sobriety.

I represent the recovery community, but my sobriety’s different. I’m sober now, but I’ll still have a drink. I try to walk that fine line. I respect the people that worked the program and really got sober.”

The entire conversation was incredibly introspective, all while being as entertaining as ever. I guess you could just sum it up as a typical Jelly Roll experience.

You can watch the entire episode with Jelly Roll on the Camp Gagnon podcast below:

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A beer bottle on a dock