Eric Church Got Luke Combs So Drunk The First Time They Hung Out He Was Puking In The Street

Luke Combs Eric Church
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We all know how it is when you’re hanging out with somebody you want to impress and you end up having too much to drink, right?

Whether it’s on a date or with a new boss or just somebody you look up to, the nerves kick in, you try to go drink for drink so you don’t look weak or like you can’t handle your alcohol, and the next thing you know you’re hanging your head out of an Uber trying not to puke on your way home.

It happens to the best of us – even to Luke Combs.

Awhile back, Luke told the hilarious story of the first time he got to hang out with one of his heroes, Eric Church.

They’re both North Carolina boys, both Appalachian State alums, and Eric was an inspiration for Luke, so obviously when Church invited Luke and his now-wife Nicole over to grill out, Luke was excited to be able to spend some time with Church.

Luke says he and Nicole got to Chief’s house around 6:30 that evening, and Church grilled some steaks (which Luke says were fantastic).

And apparently, Eric was quite the generous host, and kept Luke’s drink full.

“I was on the whiskey and the rest of them were on the wine. But whiskey has just a tad more alcohol than wine does so I was on another plane of existence that evening than I think everybody else was.

They made sure our glasses full the whole night, there’s no doubt…

You’re not gonna say ‘no,’ at that point you know? You’re there to have a good time, so I’m not scared of a refill.”

Well the party didn’t wrap up until around 4:30 AM (so after nearly 10 hours of drinking), and Luke had a driver waiting on him and his wife.

But they didn’t make it far:

“I had to stop in the middle of this really nice neighborhood. Eric Church got me so drunk that I threw up leaving his house.

I didn’t throw up in the house or anything, but in the middle of the road.”

Once again, been there.

Luke says the whole scene was “semi-college-ish,” with a grown man throwing up in the middle of the street at 4:30 AM. But he also admits that he’s not sure Eric Church himself even knew that story – although Luke says Church is the one that paid for the driver, so word might have gotten back to him already.

Hate to break it to you Luke, but I think he knows now.

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