Baby Garners Viral Reaction Sipping On A Hard Seltzer At U.S. Women’s Soccer Game

USWNT kid drinking Truly

Let’s just go ahead and set the record straight here:

-Good parenting: taking your child to a sporting event to let them witness a communal sporting experience at a young age

-Bad parenting: letting your child, or in this case your baby, appear to sip out of a can of Truly hard seltzer while they are there

I’m all for cutting loose at a game…that is you can afford it. These days, your lucky to get one alcoholic beverage for under $15. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but I’ll save those thoughts for another time.

What I was trying to say is good for this dad who was able to a) still go to a sporting event with his kid and b) crack open a cold one while he was there. Utilizing the front baby carrier to go to the soccer game was a veteran move by this guy. He’s clearly had a couple of kids before this one.

The dad and his child were in attendance for the CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup match, which featured the United States team taking on Columbia. The U.S. Women’s Soccer team was doing quite well, up 3 to nil (that’s soccer language for zero) in the 73rd minute of the contest.

Obviously, a score like that is worthy of celebration. However, the line of what celebration is appropriate is drawn long before you get to “extreme underage drinking.” Or whatever was happening in this clip that CBS Sports broadcasted this past weekend.

Check it out:

Truly shocking.

I say that because the baby appeared to be holding a Truly hard seltzer, and though it was likely empty, it’s still not a great look. But putting aside “rights and wrongs” and “ethics,” I can’t think of a better representation of our great country than a small baby appearing to throw back a Truly hard seltzer at a USA soccer match.

Obviously, the baby was just playing with/teething on the can, but that didn’t stop social media from having some mixed feelings about it:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock