Black Bear Charges Bowhunter In Heart-Pumping Video: “Should’ve Shot Him A Long Time Ago”

black bear charges bowhunter
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Anyone who spends time in bear country always entertains the idea that they could be charged by a bear, but never truly imagines it happening until it does. All you can do is be prepared…

Running into a bear will get your heart pumping pretty fast on its own, but when the bear acts aggressive it hits a whole new level.

This video shows a man in Ontario, Canada, hunting with a recurve bow and arrow set up. Alone, it’s impressive enough… recurve hunting takes an incredible amount of knowledge and skill to be successful.

The man seems to be crouched behind some brush, but then, a black bear is seen walking along a roadside through some grass.

As the bear gets closer the hunter starts to draw back and seems to startle it. In a flash it charges the man. You can see him nock an arrow and try to fire, but it slips off the rest… a living nightmare. The last time the bear is seen on camera it is lounging at the man as he seems to drop his phone and fall down while trying to get away from the bear.

It is some pretty crazy footage. The camera is pointed to the ground as struggling noises seem to be heard.

The hunter picks up the phone and runs down the road away from the bear and the incident. He then flips the video to himself and has some of the best quotes following a bear charge that have ever been said.

“Eff me… should have shot him a long time ago… tabarnak scare me like that.”

He was almost laughing about it.

The hunter is visibly a little shook up, but also seems to be fairly humorous about the situation. That shows that this man is not your typical woodsmen and this was indeed not his first rodeo.

But this video also really shows how hard recurve hunting can be. Getting so close to wildlife like this can pose other risks that the distance of rifle hunting doesn’t necessarily offer. Granted, everything can change in an instant, but proximity to the animal always invites the possibility of surprising the animal, and a dangerous encounter.

Thankfully, he’ll live to hunt another day.

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